Natureza das Pessoas

We count on a team of employees with knowledge, experience and skills who create solutions in their fields of expertise. We seek to know our gifts and talents to develop our internal and external satisfaction.

Natureza das Máquinas

Specific machines, auxiliary equipment and excellent quality facilities, maintained through a preventive maintenance plan.

Natureza da Infra-estrutura de fábrica

Its infrastructure contains systems for compressed air, chilled water, normal water, thermal regulator, materials dehumidification, mold handling, crane, logistics, maintenance, substation, information technology, industrial building with easy access and location.

Injection process

Plasticoville counts on a number of injection molding machines, auxiliary equipment and industrial utilities capable of ensuring process stability and cycle repeatability, necessary conditions for obtaining superior quality parts.


Car panels, refrigerator doors, fan blades, among others.

Extrusion process

We have an extrusion cell to produce hoses, pipes and technical profiles of PA, PU, PE, PVC (rigid and flexible) thermoplastics plus we also work with co-extrusion of materials and colors (PVC + PU, PVC-R + PVC-F, among others) and custom printing is available for all products, according to the customer’s needs.


Hospital Medical, Food, Construction.

Blow molding process

Plasticoville counts on various state-of-the-art blow molding machines, equipped with single, double, triple and quadruple heads.


Automotive, compressors, toys, among others.

Parts assembly and finishing process

We aim to pre-assemble plastic components, enabling the client to have less inventory, less handling, faster assembly, better quality and lower cost. Diverse assemblies, polishing, engraving, drilling, welding of plastic parts, gluing and tampography.