Inovação Sustentável e Contínua

- Certifications: ISO9001-2008,

- RoHS European Directive,

- Waste Management System;

- Product Development assistance;

- Production technical support staff;

- Metrology and Physical Testing Laboratory;

- Tooling Process to ensure preventive maintenance of our customers’ molds;

- Dedicated building for safety stock in order to ensure deliveries according to customer’s needs.


We define our policies and practices conciliating collective well being, the environment and the organization’s financial health. In each new process, we highly consider the safety of our people, the environmental impact and our costs.
We work to solve problems, looking to discover and resolve the causes, involving people in order to prevent recurrence.
We know that to have a long life we need to be concerned about our society.


A Plasticoville conta com o Sistema de Gerenciamento de Resíduos Sólidos. Todos os Colaboradores recebem treinamento e desenvolvimento voltados à educação ambiental.